Vegan Ghee: The Better Alternative

Ghee is a common component in many Asian dishes, but have you ever wondered if it’s suitable for vegans to consume or is there a vegan ghee option for those conscious about their food choices and their impact? To find an answer to this, firstly, we need to understand what exactly is ghee (commonly known […]

30 Vegan Celebrities Who Ditched Dairy for Animal Welfare

Enter the enticing world of entertainment and glitz to see a tremendous change in ethical behavior, profoundly changing the plot. Putting a cause in the spotlight is now far more significant than just being in the spotlight alone. The goal is the welfare of animals, and more prominent individuals than ever are standing up to […]

Top 8 Must-Try Indian Vegan Sweets for Food Lovers

“It’s a very tough world out there for vegans.” – is something that I heard long back and believed in, which made me immediately shrug the thought of going vegan from my head. And unfortunately, another soul who would’ve chosen to walk on the path of kindness continued to depend upon dairy products. But thankfully, […]