Veganlee is a community of vegans lovingly created and curated by vegans for vegans and those willing to go vegan.

Who can join?


Vegans need not even ask. It’s your abode, dear ones. A community where you can meet people who share your philosophies and perspectives.


You’re doing good by at least not eating dead animals. You’re welcomed to join Veganlee and align with people who’d make it easy for you to tread on the path of veganism. Let’s cherish your journey of going vegan together.

Anybody interested in going vegan

Are you someone who wants to go vegan but is struggling with the ‘how’ part? Well, you’re knocking on the perfect door. We’ve got enough ‘why(s)’ and ‘how(s)’ for you to help you be a vegan. And what else is a community for? We’re those senior family members who know well how to get the juniors on the right track. Join us for a forever bond and a forever lee — Veganlee.

Come, let’s cheer for veganism together. 🍻

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