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Enter the enticing world of entertainment and glitz to see a tremendous change in ethical behavior, profoundly changing the plot. Putting a cause in the spotlight is now far more significant than just being in the spotlight alone. The goal is the welfare of animals, and more prominent individuals than ever are standing up to support it.

Imagine the world as a bustling venue where the limelight now serves two purposes. It not only sheds insight into these renowned celebs but also into the cause that stands for a world beyond cruelty where empathy rules dominance. We are witnessing a transition that is truly enormous. Celebrities, from leading actors to top-charting bands, are utilizing their powerful platforms to start discussions, raise awareness, and defend the fundamental freedoms of animals.

Let’s take an excursion into the world of innovators, where Cinematic glamour and elegance collide with genuine compassion in advocacy. 

However, it’s not merely about the widely recognized figures; it’s also about the significant influence they’re having. One thing becomes abundantly evident as we move through this intricate web of changes: these celebs’ influence goes far beyond the red carpets and cinemas. They are influencing their enormous fan bases to rethink decisions, adopt compassionate behavior, and take action to create a world that is friendlier to animals.

Follow us as we discuss the narratives underlying these shifts, the driving forces beneath them, and the effects they are having. Instead of just applauding their decisions, let them serve as inspiration for our own. After all, the spotlight is now split between the famous people who have adopted a vegan diet and the majority of the world, which is observing, taking notes, and possibly getting ready to make their own changes.

An Insight of Vegan Celebrities’

Lewis Hamilton:

Lewis has frequently posted photographs and videos of animals languishing in cruel slaughter facilities and factory farms worldwide. He frequently talks about how meat consumption has an awful impact on the planet.

Joaquin Phoenix:

He has garnered a lot of admiration and praise for his stellar performance in the film Joker, for which he is enormously recognized. Since the age of three years old, Phoenix has been a vegan and an outspoken supporter of the protection of animal rights. He is also a passionate activist who produced the documentary Gunda in 2020, narrated the classic animal rights film Earthlings, and appeared in some episodes of Dominion.

Billie Eilish:

Since the age of 12, Billie Eilish has adhered to a vegan diet. On social media, she vented her displeasure about the cruelty practiced in the dairy sector. Additionally, she recently explained her vegan diet in a conversation with British Vogue, raising awareness of the issue among her countless followers as well as readers of the magazine.


American musician and animal rights activist Moby is one of the most recognized vegan celebrities and has been vegan since 1987. At the age of 19, the musical icon turned up meat for the first time. Moby opened the vegan dining establishment Little Pine in Los Angeles in 2015 and donated all of the profits to charities that support animal welfare. Moby proudly displays a variety of vegan ink tattoos on his forearms and neck to declare his permanent veganism.

Tabitha Brown:

Actress and social media influencer Tabitha Brown rocketed to fame on TikTok after gaining over four million followers in a matter of five weeks. Her popular review of the vegan BLT sandwich from Whole Foods is what got her started sharing vegan recipes, cooking advice, and motivational words.

Rooney Mara

As passionate about a vegan lifestyle as her spouse, Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara is a vegan. She is an animal rights advocate and the founder of the HIRAETH clothing and accessories business. In order to share the results of her inquiry into two factory farming operations at the end of the previous year, she teamed up with the international organization Animal Equality, which advocates for farm animals.

Woody Harrelson:

The Hunger Games star has been a vegan for nearly three decades and is extremely concerned about animals and the environment. Thandiwe Newton, Sadie Sink, and former vegan Liam Hemsworth are among the famous people who credit Woody Harrelson with converting them to veganism. Derek and Chad Sarno, the owners of Wicked Healthy and vegan chefs, are acquainted with the actor.

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz, a musical legend, looks better than ever at 56 because of his vegan lifestyle and exercise regimen. Kravitz recently discussed his vegan eating habits and training routine in a video interview for Men’s Health. 

Evanna Lynch:

Evanna Lynch is most known for her role in the Harry Potter movies, but she also spends a lot of time advocating for veganism. In addition to hosting the vegan podcast Chickpeeps, the celebrity vegan has created a subscription service for cruelty-free beauty products. Lynch also represents Veganuary, a nonprofit organization that promotes adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle. Evanna promotes the plant-based movement and spreads knowledge concerning the issue using her platforms and fan base.

Rainn Wilson:

Dwight Shrute, the star of The Office, is an animal lover and vegan. Wilson claimed that his pet rescue pigs were the reason he decided to become vegan during a 2017 appearance on the American talk show Conan. throughout breakfast. Wilson discussed the advantages to his health he had experienced since being vegan in an Instagram post, referring to himself as “The Fifty-Year-Old Vegan.” “I noticed that I had more energy!” he said to his 2.5 million supporters. I was getting deeper and better sleep.

Rooney Mara:

Rooney Mara is no stranger to speaking up for animals, but in 2019, the vegan activist and actor went one step further by going behind the scenes to capture the realities of life for animals suffering on three British farms. She did this in collaboration with Animal Equality investigators.

Peter Dinklage:

Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister on the popular television series Game of Thrones, has been a vegan since 2014. He worked as Farm Sanctuary’s representative for the Walk for Farm Animals and is a supporter of the organization. Peter additionally collaborated with PETA to encourage adoption while opposing pet ownership. He frequently alerts the public to the miseries of meat manufacturing through advertising campaigns.

Stevie Wonder:

Wonder said: β€œI’ve been a vegan for two years, so that’s helped my already good-looking self. I think that eating healthy is important.” Stevie Wonder, a legendary musician, decided to become a vegan in 2016 for his health as well as the environment. To protect the future of our world, Stevie is enthusiastic about promoting the vegan message.


MyΓ‘ is an accomplished singer, songwriter, businesswoman, and vegan activist. On her social media accounts, the well-known entertainer frequently provides her admirers with vegan recipes and advice.

Ricky Gervais:

Along with bullfighting, puppy farms, animal testing, and trophy hunting, Gervais has spoken out against these practices. He openly addresses the significance of removing animal-derived goods from human consumption in conversations with celebrities and on social media.

Elliot Page:

Actor Elliot Page has been a vegan for ten years now. He is most recognized for his part in the classic teen comedy Juno. The star is an ethical vegan and was named the “World’s Sexiest Vegan” by PETA in 2014. The actor has already voiced his opposition to the mistreatment of farm animals. He tweeted to his 1.8 million followers in 2011 to inquire as to why vegans are made fun of.

Tony Kanal:

The No Doubt bassist, singer, songwriter, and producer enjoys using his platform to encourage others to live kinder lives.

Alan Cumming:

The X-Men and James Bond star have been vegan for a long time and appeared in a PETA video. Additionally, he succeeded in persuading the head of COP26 (2021 United Nations Climate Conference) to switch the entire menu to vegan. Additionally, Cumming alleged that Starbucks punishes customers for adopting environmentally friendly choices and pushed the coffee company to eliminate the markup on vegan milk.

Pamela Anderson:

Pamela Anderson, a former Baywatch star, has long been an animal rights activist and a committed vegan. Pamela is one of the original vegan celebs in Hollywood since she has been a vegan for more than 30 years. Anderson received the 2016 Person of the Year award from PETA in recognition of her work to promote veganism and animal activism. Pamela frequently works with animal rights groups and has been featured in numerous campaigns promoting veganism. The celebrity has more than a million Twitter followers and frequently tweets about animal conservation problems. She has also created a vegan pop-up diner in France.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Owing to his vegan diet, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who turned 73 this year, is not showing any symptoms of slowing down. The former politician, actor, entrepreneur, seven-time Mr. Olympia, and former professional bodybuilder is outspoken about how he and many others were duped by the meat industry’s propaganda lies.

Uday Chopra:

Uday Chopra became a plant-based eater in 2019 and now preaches the moral, ethical, and health benefits of living a vegan lifestyle. He shares numerous vegan websites and articles with his followers via tweets and Instagram postings. His clever, accurate, and verified captions pique the interest of even non-vegans.

Sia Furler:

When a vegan restaurant owner invited Sia to visit his facility, the famously private Australian singer tweeted that she was vegan. The singer, who has long been a vegetarian, used to volunteer with the animal rights group PETA to promote initiatives to prevent the homelessness of animals.

Kyrie Irving:

In order to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic, Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving donated 200,000 vegan Beyond Burgers to Food Bank for New York City. During his time with the Boston Celtics, the NBA player went vegan in 2017. He has since claimed in interviews that his plant-based diet has improved his performance and helped the team’s 13-game winning run.

Sadaa Sayed:

Animal rights campaigner, rescuer, and vegan Sadaa Sayed. She supports the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) and has been a vegan advocate. She has long advocated for animal rights and has fought against a purported order to kill tigress Avni. She advocates for veganism and animal welfare using her social media clout. Sadaa is the proprietor of the exclusively vegan Earthlings Cafe in Mumbai. 

Mayim Bialik:

Mayim Bialik, an actress and star of The Big Bang Theory, has been a vegan for a long time and frequently employs her fame to promote animal rights. On her YouTube channel, Bialik has posted numerous videos explaining her veganism and giving suggestions for bringing up happy, healthy vegan kids. Mayim, who is passionate about spreading the advantages of veganism, even wrote her own vegan cookbook, Mayim’s Vegan Table, which includes more than 100 nutritious plant-based dishes for families.

Sunny Leone:

Animal enthusiast Sunny Leone has experience with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). She has backed various PETA initiatives and animal rescue organizations. She is well renowned for speaking out against animal cruelty on social media.

 At Lakme Fashion Week 2020, she spoke extensively about her transition to vegan fashion and shopping. Sunny also runs a cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics company called Star Struck.

Sadie Sink:

Sadie Sink, a star of Stranger Things, attributes her success in becoming a vegan to Woody Harrelson, a Hollywood superstar. While filming The Glass Castle five years ago, Sink got to know veteran vegan Harrelson and was moved to become vegan by enjoying time with his family.

Lucy Watson:

Lucy Watson, a star of the reality program Made in Chelsea, became vegan after viewing the sobering film Cowspiracy. The actress claimed that when she learned the reality about the terrible dairy and egg industries, “everything changed.” A collection of vegan ready-meals and desserts, as well as two best-selling vegan cookbooks, have all been produced by Lucy. Together with her sister Tiffany, the vegan actress and model also runs the vegan eatery Tell Your Friends in London.

John Abraham:

John Abraham, who is renowned for his strong build, debunks the idea that eating flesh is necessary for developing muscle. He turned vegan out of sympathy for them and concern for their welfare. John supports animal rights and has taken part in the “Mercy for Animals” initiative to spread the word about animal abuse.

Shraddha Kapoor:

Image Source

Shraddha Kapoor, who was crowned the “Hottest Vegan Celebrity 2020” by PETA, adopts a vegan lifestyle and diet out of respect for all living things. She became a vegan in 2019 after being a vegetarian. She donated to organisations that promote environmental protection and swapped cow milk for almond milk. In order to create a better and more sustainable future, she also exhorts others to eat a plant-based diet.

Power of Celebrity Influence

Celebrities have an unrivaled ability to influence the public’s attention. Their actions and choices have the potential to have a significant impact because of their extensive influence and reach. The rise in celebrities adopting a vegan lifestyle, driven by their concern for animal welfare, has been one of the most notable changes in recent years.


For these notable individuals, there are plenty of reasons why they decide to become vegans. The causes range as widely as the stars themselves, from moral considerations and the welfare of animals to sustainable development and individual wellness. 

A paradigm change is currently occurring in the fashion and beauty industries. Celebrities who identify as vegans are increasingly choosing cruelty-free, plant-based products, changing beauty ideals, and advocating for compassionate self-care. 

Veganism is a gastronomic experience as well as a way of life. Numerous well-known vegans are discovering and promoting their love of delicious plant-based foods, encouraging their followers to experiment with new cuisines and adopt a more environmentally friendly diet.

The ripple effect is obvious as these 30 vegan celebrities continue to use their platforms to promote animal welfare. Their unified voice helps to spread knowledge, influence policy shifts, and encourage a worldwide turn towards a more compassionate world. 

Veganism is a path that does not end in space. More people are adopting a plant-based lifestyle as these famous people pave the way, motivated by empathy, wellness, and a need to have a positive impact on the planet.

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